The Character Coalition’s ‘bottom lines’

Following the model of the Brisbane Plan as a starting point and in order to protect character and heritage in Auckland the following provisions must be included in the Unitary Plan:

  • Interim blanket demolition controls on pre 1940’s buildings where the case for demolition has to be proven, rather than at present where the case for retention must be made.
  • All demolitions of pre-1940’s buildings require consent and must be publicly notified.
  • Any replacement building must satisfy a design code, requiring sympathetic design, scale and materials to be used.
  • Local Plans to recognise differing characteristics and issues of each area, to ensure private and public sector development proposals are consistent with local aspirations. Regarding development proposals, Local Plans can change and raise conditions of compliance, public notification requirements, and other standards.
  • Adequate council resources to be allocated to the identification and assessment of heritage and character of an area, as the local Area Plans are completed, and BEFORE intensification rules are applied to an area.
  • Adequate budgets and resources applied within council to build up an experienced and knowledgeable heritage department.
  • Continuing engagement with interested community groups on how to best preserve our heritage.

What can you do?

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Auckland 2040

The Character Coalition has joined forces with Auckland 2040 in calling on the Council to rethink the Unitary Plan. We do not oppose change or growth. We know there will need to be intensification but this plan has been done the wrong way around.
A bottom up process would have engaged people at the beginning of the discussions and led to widespread buy in. If people feel they have had a say and been listened to they are more willing to accept change.
The Council must listen to this ground swell and use it as an opportunity to get a better result not dig in and refuse to make the changes being called for.

Auckland 2040- Character Coalition joint statement of agreement

We Stand For:

Protection of the character of residential neighbourhoods
Location of apartment zoning to follow local planning studies with meaningful community consultation.
Focusing intensification into localities with adequate provision for infrastructure, including roading and public transport.
Protection of rights of affected parties to oppose developments

We Oppose:

Random high density multi-story apartments haphazardly scattered throughout Auckland
Poor planning and provision for infrastructure
Inadequate community involvement and removal of residents’ rights to oppose inappropriate developments
Fast tracking of the implementation of the Plan

What we want:

We want the Council to “ReThink the Plan” in order to balance intensification with infrastructure capability and urban character values.

When Council agree to “ReThink the Plan” we expect the following commitments:

  • ReThink provisions and zoning relating to apartment development in residential zones
  • To undertake infrastructure and town centre studies prior to introducing an apartment zone
  • To institute a local planning process and to undertake community consultation for such zones
    before notification of the Plan
  • Modification of planning rules to ensure protection of amenity and natural values in environmental zones
  • To retain resident rights to notification
  • Adopt a staged approach to implementation

We must not miss this opportunity to have a say on our future city

So we urge you to write to your Councillor now. Use the on the Auckland Council feedback form or leave a comment on one of the blogposts, or Facebook page, or Tweet @aklcouncil using the hashtag #shapeauckland.

Got questions? Call 09 365 3786 weekdays 8am-5pm or email

Note: Comments via the Shape Auckland blogs and social media will count towards this consultation but will be summarised and reported on in general, not responded to on an individual basis.

Shape Auckland Housing Simulator

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