27 Feb 2013

Auckland Unitary Plan: how the lawyers see it

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DLA Phillips Fox | 22 February 2013
Auckland’s Unitary Plan – a combined RMA plan for Auckland
The Government has proposed a new, one-off process for preparing the Auckland Unitary Plan.
Anyone with an interest in land use and the region’s natural resources will need to understand the new process and engage early and effectively. The Plan will affect all development, business, industrial, residential farming, mining, coastal and other operations.

Chapman Tripp | 18 December 2012
RMA Bill brings Auckland Unitary Plan a step closer
The Resource Management Reform Bill (Bill), now with the Local Government and Environment Select Committee, introduces changes to streamline the Auckland Unitary Plan process. It also contains a number of other provisions of national application to speed consenting for medium-sized and infrastructure projects. Submissions on the Bill are due by 28 February 2013.

Russell McVeagh | 31 October 2012
Auckland’s first Unitary Plan
On 17 October the Government announced that a unique, “one-off” planning process will be used to develop the Auckland Council’s first Unitary Plan. The Unitary Plan is a resource management plan that will replace the district and regional plans and policies of Auckland’s former councils.

Bell Gully | 18 October 2012
Government outlines hybrid approach to ‘fast track’ unitary plan
The announcement by the Minister for the Environment Amy Adams yesterday, that the Government will amend the Resource Management Act to give effect to Auckland Council’s request to fast track Auckland’s first Unitary Plan, will be a surprise to many.

Chancery Green: | 17 October 2012
New Process For Auckland Unitary Plan
Environment Minister Amy Adams has recently announced that a bill will be introduced specifying the process to be followed in adopting the first Auckland Unitary Plan. The proposal is to establish a one-off process where Council hearings will be replaced by a hearings panel, totally independent from the Council, chaired by a retired High Court or Environment Court judge.

Minter Ellison Rudd Watts | 17 October 2012
One-off process announced for Auckland’s Unitary Plan
After much speculation the Government has announced a tailored process especially for the development of Auckland’s Unitary Plan. Minister for the Environment, Amy Adams, has today released details of the Government’s proposed process which will require a change to usual processes available under the Resource Management Act.

Kensington Swan Lawyers | 26 September 2012
Auckland Unitary Plan—one plan to rule them all?
The Unitary Plan will be the new ‘rule book’ for what can and can’t be done with public and private property. It will replace the existing district plans and regional policies of the former Auckland councils.

Russell McVeagh | 31 August 2012
Therein lies the RUB: super growth for a super city
On 7 August 2012, the Auckland Plan Committee endorsed a programme to investigate key greenfield areas of Auckland and consult widely with stakeholders, local boards and communities prior to defining a rural urban boundary (RUB) to be incorporated in the upcoming Unitary Plan.

Chapman Tripp | 27 August 2012
Auckland Unitary Plan update – it’s time to get involved
Virtually everyone in Auckland will be affected by the Auckland Unitary Plan (Plan). To gauge the effect upon you, you might like to ask yourself the following questions:

Chapman Tripp | 09 July 2012
Unitary plan to re-write Auckland’s planning landscape
The Unitary Plan currently being drafted by Auckland Council will re-write Auckland’s planning landscape and guide the implementation of the Council’s strategic and long-term direction for the region.

Bell Gully | 15 May 2012
The Unitary Plan – It’s on its Way (PDF file)
Preparations for the mammoth task of drafting the Unitary Plan for Auckland are well underway. The Unitary Plan will be the key document for delivering the new strategic direction confirmed by the Council in the Auckland Plan.

Russell McVeagh | 10 May 2012
Planning overkill? Yet another layer of Auckland plans!
Auckland Council has invited local communities and stakeholders to participate in preparation of yet another layer of planning documents for Auckland. 21 Area Plans are to be added to current list of planning documents which includes the Long Term Plan, Annual Plan, Auckland Plan, Unitary Plan and Local Board Plans.

Bell Gully | 23 March 2011
Unitary Plan and Consent Framework – A Fresh Approach (PDF File)
The Council is also already underway in drafting the Unitary Plan and the audience got an indication of the key drivers for that process, including the ‘lift’ test. No easy feat considering the bulk of a district plan for any one of the previous local authorities, let alone trying to combine the plans from 7 local authorities and a regional council.

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