Disappointment For Thousands Of Auckland Homeowners

Today’s decision by the High Court in Auckland to disallow the Character Coalition’s appeal against parts of the Unitary plan means thousands of homeowners have been denied a say in what happens to the streets they live in. Character Coalition chairperson Sally Hughes said ” While we accept the Judge’s decision, we are very disappointed.. read more →

Character Coalition Takes Council To Court To Protect Auckland’s Housing Heritage

16 September 2016: The CHARACTER COALITION today lodged an appeal in the High Court asking the Auckland Council to look again at zoning changes under its Unitary plan in a number of the City’s suburbs. The appeal focuses on late changes made without public consultation that could put older character homes at risk for no.. read more →

Experts debate fate of heritage sites

Written by: Mathew Dearnaley Photo by: Sarah Ivey Published: The New Zealand Herald – 13 August 2013 Block of inner-city buildings may be sacrificed for railway station. Auckland Transport consultants are divided over whether a block of inner-city heritage buildings more than 140 years old will survive excavations for the city’s underground railway. Heritage consultant.. read more →

John Palino – Unitary Plan

Unitary Plan The Unitary Plan is the most important document the Auckland Council prepares. It sets out where people can build houses and where they cannot. It directs where businesses go, which trees are protected, how high buildings can be and in general establishes the regulations for where and how development can occur in Auckland… read more →

Sally Hughes: Local consultation turns Nimbies into Yimbies

Written by: Sally Hughes Photo: Dean Purcell Published: The New Zealand Herald – 11 July 2013 Those driving Auckland’s Unitary Plan process have put out a revised proposal for its Mixed Housing Zone regulations, calling the move a sign the council is doing what it always said it would do – listen to the people.. read more →

Len Brown backs down on the coastal areas

The Character Coalition applauds the Mayor’s decision to rethink the height limits in four coastal areas. However if he thinks that these are the only areas unhappy with the Unitary Plan he is very wrong. Aucklanders are demanding the process be slowed down so that more consultation can occur and communities can be properly engaged.. read more →

Government must not allow Unitary Plan

  Statement from David Thornton Published: scoop.co.nz – 07 April 2013 MEDIA RELEASE 7th April 2013 Government must not allow Auckland Council to make Unitary Plan operative in September. There is now no doubt that the Mayor and Auckland Council are aiming to rush through the processing of the Unitary Plan and make it legally.. read more →

$59 billion plan misses the bus

  Written by: Brian Rudman Photo by: Sarah Ivey Published: The New Zealand Herald – 01 April 2013 Vision for Auckland’s future is for even worse congestion in a city where the car will remain king. So let me get this right. Auckland Transport is proposing to spend $59 billion over the next 30 years.. read more →

Olly Newland on the Auckland Unitary Plan

  Written by: Gareth Vaughan Published: interest.co.nz – 27 March 2013 Olly Newland on the Auckland Unitary Plan; ‘Buy up land that will have the densest zoning’ Auckland Council’s draft Unitary Plan, which outlines a long-term future of denser living and more high rise apartments for the City of Sails, is the only option there.. read more →

Character Coalition represented at the Unitary Plan Launch

  Click here to play video of this presentation Sally Hughes (second from the left) represented the Character Coalition on the Heritage and Character Panel at the Unitary Plan launch on Friday 15th at the Viaduct Events Centre. Also on the panel were Councillor Sandra Coney, Waitemata, Local Board Chair Shale Chambers, Connal Townsend from.. read more →

NZ Herald letters to the Editor: 07 March 2013

Dear Sir, Reaction to the previewed parts of Auckland’s Unitary Plan given recent coverage needs clarification. The Character Coalition of 53 residents and heritage groups, representing communities from Warkworth to Franklin, put to Council key features of Brisbane’s plan that stopped the demolition rush there when land values jumped, while allowing growth and intensification. Demolition.. read more →

Brisbane Heritage Expert Champions Character Coalition Ideas

MEDIA RELEASE: Character Coalition In a presentation today at the Town Hall to the Character Coalition and the council Heritage Advisory Panel, Peter Marquis-Kyle, Brisbane conservation architect and consultant to Brisbane council, urged local heritage groups to lobby for increased heritage protection rules to be included in the draft Unitary Plan. Auckland Council had brought.. read more →