Auckland housing density challenged

The Auckland Council’s new chief economist has revived one of the city’s hottest debates, arguing that proposed housing density rules in the inner suburbs may not be high enough. Councillors watered down some intensification rules in its proposed Unitary Plan after fierce opposition from some communities, and the issue is now before an Independent Hearings.. read more →

Bryan Leyland: Council must get up to speed with future transport needs

The railway tunnel will serve only a very small fraction of Auckland’s population and at a huge cost. Mayor Len Brown is determined to commit Auckland to building a hugely expensive railway tunnel even though no comprehensive independent and objective economic analysis has been made on the merits of the tunnel and whether or not.. read more →

Bob Day: Monday 19 January 2015

UP7: Burton sees the antithesis of good planning, but says the compact city can work Controlled intensification at selected central points around the region, or willy-nilly through suburbia? Retired planning consultant Richard Burton, founder of the Auckland 2040 group seeking to protect suburbs from domination by unwanted new structures, has told the panel hearing submissions.. read more →

Adams seeks major changes to Unitary Plan

Environment Minister Amy Adams is seeking major changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan, which she says will not provide enough houses and make housing even more unaffordable in its current form. In a cabinet-approved submission on the new planning rulebook for the Super City, Ms Adams says failure to make changes could have far-reaching economic.. read more →

Writers Festival: Shocked visitor offers city tips

Auckland’s tall buildings and urban sprawl stun architecture critic. When one of the audience asked British architecture critic Jonathan Glancey what he thought of Auckland’s Unitary Plan, he pointed to the example of Barcelona. During its 20-year renovation project, he said, its people were involved at every stage and instead of talking to planners, the.. read more →

Alf Filipaina: Fears over iwi input misguided

  It’s important for all Aucklanders that the council seeks expertise on the cultural impact of its projects. Rules are all about balance – making sure bad things don’t happen, without getting in the way of the good, the new, the fun or the functional. Just ask any police officer, teacher or parent. The same.. read more →

Archaeologists oppose rule to consult iwi

  Published: The New Zealand Herald – 12 March 2014 Group says Historic Places Act covers sites. Archaeologists are the latest group to weigh into a controversial iwi consultation rule, saying most of the thousands of affected sites have not been evaluated. The New Zealand Archaeological Association says the rule requiring owners to obtain a.. read more →

Thousands more city sites need Maori tick

  Written by: Bernard Orsman Photo by: Mark Mitchell Published: The New Zealand Herald – 10 March 2014 Work-consent rule applies to ecological areas too, says council. The Auckland Council has confirmed that an extra 2000 or so properties are covered by a controversial rule requiring owners to seek iwi approval to work on their.. read more →

Brian Rudman: Verifying iwi sites best place to start

  Written by: Brian Rudman Published: The New Zealand Herald – 07 March 2014 Maori have identified 3661 places of value, but the problem is that too many have not been properly authenticated. Aucklanders are notoriously slack when it comes to preserving our heritage. The other day, a resident was fined for hacking into the.. read more →

Editorial: Justified annoyance at ‘dangerous’ heritage rule

  Editorial Photo by: Dean Purcell Published by: The New Zealand Herald – 06 March 2014 People usually reserve their greatest annoyance for things they believe have been imposed on them in a stealthy manner. So it is with a new rule requiring Auckland property owners to seek iwi approval to work on sites of.. read more →

Bunnings gets OK for Grey Lynn store

  Published: The New Zealand Herald – A controversial new Bunnings store on Great North Rd in Grey Lynn, Auckland, has been approved. Auckland Council hearing commissioners have granted the resource consent with conditions. The consent application had been considered at hearings in Auckland in October. Commissioners said in their decision the building’s design.. read more →

Homestead moving off site – for now

  Written by: Bernard Orsman Photo by: Chris Gorman Published: The New Zealand Herald – 20 November 2013 A Victorian homestead in Pt Chevalier is being temporarily removed from its site while its church owner seeks a resource consent to permanently remove it and construct a replica building. Pt Chevalier’s Homestead Community Church was moving.. read more →

Cottage move stops after council demands consent

  Written by: Bernard Orsman Photo by: Chris Gorman Published: The New Zealand Herald – The future of a Victorian timber cottage used as a community church is uncertain after it was taken from its foundations and put on a trailer, only for the council to halt the work. Pt Chevalier’s Homestead Community Church.. read more →

Paul Little: Ghetto mentality is taking over

  Written by: Paul Little Published: The New Zealand Herald – 13 October 2013 Sometimes it’s hard not to feel this Government is doing anything other than having a laugh: it defends our rights by making it easy to spy on us; protects our environment by encouraging more mining; secures our future by selling our.. read more →

Editorial: Census data so far has little bearing on city plans

  Editorial Published: The New Zealand Herald – 10 October 2013 According to a phrase usually attributed to Mark Twain, there are “lies, damned lies and statistics”. It was his way of saying we should be wary of figures that are used to boost weak arguments. Perhaps, most particularly, we should be cautious about statistics.. read more →