Editorial: Detail on city plan must be out in open

Photo by Dean Purcell Published The New Zealand Herald – 01 July 2013 In criticising the confidentiality involved in the latest stage of the Auckland Council’s draft Unitary Plan process, councillor Christine Fletcher said she had never come across anything quite so “dodgy”. That was quite a statement from someone whose political career has included.. read more →

Council tones down plans

By Bernard Orsman Photo Dean Purcell Published The New Zealand Herald – 01 July 2013 Small-scale apartment buildings may be more restricted than previously thought. The Auckland Council is toning down controversial plans for small-scale apartment buildings in half of suburban Auckland. Councillors will tomorrow consider a new proposal to place small-scale apartments close to.. read more →

Houses gobble up city’s most productive land

By Bernard Orsman Photo Chris Gorman Image: National Land Resource Centre/Landcare Research Published: the New Zealand Herald – 28 June 2013 Auckland has lost 4 per cent of its most fertile rural land to housing over the past two decades and is set to lose more under the strain of a million more residents. High-class.. read more →

Walt Glazer: City’s future is bright-don’t lose its identity

Written by: Walt Glazer Photo: Martin Sykes Published: The New Zealand Herald – 25 June 2013 In 1975 I was the Visiting Fulbright Professor at the University of Auckland. Coming from Pittsburgh, my family and I loved living on the beach, meeting the friendly people, walking Queen St and exploring the surrounding suburbs. At the.. read more →

Unitary Plan fears knocking confidence, says survey

Written by: Christopher Adams Published: The New Zealand Herald – 25 June 2013 Concern about Auckland’s draft Unitary Plan may be keeping a lid on economic confidence in the region, a survey suggests. The latest Westpac McDermott Miller Regional Economic Confidence survey found a net 24 per cent of households were expecting good economic times.. read more →

Revolt over Unitary Plan secrecy

Written by: Bernard Orsman Published: The New Zealand Herald – 25 June 2013 Councillor slams development process as appalling and local boards demand access to public submissions. Auckland Mayor Len Brown is facing more grief over the Unitary Plan process with one councillor vowing to boycott secret meetings and local boards demanding access to public.. read more →

Mark Donnelly: Draft plan needs more than tinkering

Written by: Mark Donnelly Photo: Michael Craig Published: The New Zealand Herald – 25 June 2013 We’d all feel better if Len Brown reined in planners and got experts’ advice on how the city goes forward. Recent comments by Mayor Brown seem to indicate his current thinking is that a bit of tinkering with the.. read more →

Voices to defend city’s volcanic views remain unheard

Written by: Brian Rudman Photo: Richard Robinson Published: The New Zealand Herald – 24 June 2013 Is it any wonder Auckland Council is having a hard time selling the Unitary Plan to the rest of us? Last Wednesday, Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse and head of regional and local planning Penny Pirrit told a media briefing.. read more →

Shamubeel Eaqub: Housing – tax and foreigners wrong target

Written by: Shamubeel Eaquab Photo: Janna Dixon Published: The New Zealand Herald – 24 June 2013 The discussion about Auckland’s housing is heated and is at risk of missing the point. The capital gains tax and restricting foreigners from buying houses are solutions in search of a problem. The most vocal issue is home ownership… read more →

Plan critics fear lack of city parks

Written by: Wayne Thompson Photo: Natalie Slade Published: The New Zealand Herald – 24 June 2013 Auckland Council is coming under pressure to prove it can provide enough parks to keep up with population growth. Parks have been a hot topic at most public meetings about the rule book for growth – the Unitary Plan… read more →

High-rise hot topic behind closed doors

Written by: Bernard Orsman Photo: Brett Phibbs Published: The New Zealand Herald – 20 June 2013 The Auckland Council is getting into detail behind closed doors on the hot button subject of high-rise buildings before councillors have seen feedback on the Unitary Plan, says councillor Mike Lee. Councillors and local board members met yesterday to.. read more →

Council members meet to discuss building heights

Written by: Wayne Thompson Published: The New Zealand Herald – 19 June 2013 Auckland Council members meet today on the thorny issue of building heights in town centres – their first grab at the 22,700 items in the draft unitary plan mail bag. The meeting will set the principles of development generally rather than go.. read more →

David Blaker: Auckland growth predictions exaggerated

Written by: David Barker Photo: Peter Meecham Published: The New Zealand Herald – 18 June 2013 David Blaker says the predicted ‘extra million’ residents by 2030 is highly exaggerated. Debate over Auckland’s future has presented us with an unattractive choice: build up or build out. Either a rash of high-rise in suburbia, or outwards sprawl.. read more →

Graeme Easte: Auckland needs population strategy

Written by: Graeme Easte Photo: Dean Purcell Published: The New Zealand Herald – 18 June 2013 Auckland needs a national population strategy to deal with growth, writes Graeme Easte. Concern about how to handle another million citizens in Auckland has recently become rampant. But much of it has been misplaced into wondering how this could.. read more →

Council hedges bets on city’s extra million

Written by: Bernard Orsman Photo: Dean Purcell Published: The New Zealand Herald – 17 June 2013 The Auckland Council is talking up another one million residents in the city by 2041, but it is taking a prudent line when it comes to providing transport, water and other services. The council has adopted a Statistics New.. read more →