03 Oct 2016

Character Coalition doesn’t want to derail the Auckland Unitary Plan

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Lobby group supports Unitary Plan, despite legal action

Lobby group supports Unitary Plan, despite legal action

Auckland Unitary Plan Photo: Auckland City Council

The lobby group, and another group called Auckland 2040, want a judicial review of the higher-density housing zones outlined in the plan for the city.

The Auckland Council has said any new construction of townhouses and apartments in rezoned areas could be delayed significantly by the court action, which could take at least a year.

But Character Coalition chair Sally Hughes said she supported the Unitary Plan.

“We have always been in favour of intensification for large parts of Auckland, and we know that this is really needed.

Ms Hughes said the groups had narrowed the scope of the appeal to focus on 29,000 homes upzoned late in the process, whose owners didn’t get a chance to make submissions.


Published:  Radio New Zealand


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