22 Nov 2012

Character Coalition meets with Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse

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Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse assures Coalition members that there are no ‘hidden agendas’ and the Council is open to all suggestions for character and heritage protection.

The Coalition met on Thursday 22nd November with the Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, Councillor Sandra Coney and Council officials to discuss character and heritage protections in the Unitary Plan.

The Coalition had forwarded a list of questions which Penny Pirrit, Manager of Regional and Local Planning and Noel Reardon, Manager Heritage provided comment on.

At the end of the meeting Penny and Noel asked the Coalition to provide written comment on the protections we would like to see in the Unitary Plan.
A small group of Coalition members are meeting to draft the material and it will be sent to the Council by Wednesday 27th November.


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