02 Jan 2013

City looks at new way to protect its heritage

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Published: Central Leader – 02 January 2013

Auckland Council is considering a new approach to preserving the city’s built heritage and character areas which would provide greater protection than existing plans.

The initiative comes from the council’s Unitary Plan Political Working Party, which includes councillors, local board chairs and members of the Independent Maori Statutory Board.

It has suggested a new process to ensure Auckland’s built heritage is not inadvertently lost.

The process would apply to those parts of early Auckland not currently subject to character protection controls, and would see any proposal to demolish pre-1944 buildings in identified areas assessed against historic heritage and character criteria.

Deputy mayor Penny Hulse chairs the working party and says heritage protection is a complex balancing act between preserving the city’s character and not unduly burdening homeowners and developers with extra costs.

“This proposed approach would be an interim measure until heritage assessments within these early neighbourhoods are completed,” she says.

“We have been listening to the concerns of our local boards and communities and we think this approach could provide a good balance between looking after our heritage while making sure we provide additional housing needed for a growing Auckland.

“Quality new development also needs to be encouraged where appropriate. Steps like this one will ensure Auckland is on the way to becoming a higher quality and more compact city, with greater housing choice, and one that celebrates its built heritage.”

The Auckland Plan Committee will consider the proposal in February, with the full draft Unitary Plan released for public consultation in mid-March next year.


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