Councillors willing to engage with communities and listen to feedback:

IT’S ELECTION TIME Your Chance to Change the Balance of the Council

VOTING for the Auckland Council and Local Board Elections closes SATURDAY 12TH OCTOBER.

POST your PAPERS Most Aucklanders Haven’t Voted Yet

The make-up of Council is crucial if we want MORE COMMUNITY CONSULTATION

The Unitary Plan has been notified but LOCAL PLANS and CHARACTER ASSESSMENTS are still to be done in this interim period, of submissions, panel hearings and appeals, before the Plan becomes law.

The Mayoralty may be secure, but the Councillors who are successful will make a big difference going forward.

If the balance of the Council is to swing away from those favouring top-down planning and toward community consultation, change is necessary

After sitting through days of Council debate and voting on the Unitary Plan, Character Coalition core members have made the following voting recommendations:

Councillors willing to engage with communities and listen to feedback:

Wayne Walker – Albany

Christine Fletcher – Albert-Eden-Roskill

Dick Quax – Howick

Sharon Stewart – Howick

Calum Penrose – Manurewa-Papakura

Ann Hartley (responding to pressure from electorate and Auckland 2040) – North Shore

Mike Lee – Waitemata and Gulf

Councillors toeing the Unitary Plan line:

Arthur Anae – Manukau

Alf Filipaina – Manukau

Cathy Casey – Albert-Eden-Roskill

Richard Northey – Maungakiekie-Tamaki

George Wood (turned coat on a crucial vote, against electorate wishes) – North Shore

Penny Webster (voted against heeding community wishes in every ward except her own) – Rodney

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse (main driver and upholder of UP line) – Waitakere

Noelene Raffills – Whau

John Walker – Manurewa-Papakura

For the new Councillor and Local Board candidates, some names stood out during the days of debate and as supporters of community input – the following is not a comprehensive list:

Albany – Julia Parfitt, standing for Council

Maungakiekie – Denise Krum, standing for Council (against Richard Northey)

North Shore – Grant Gillon, standing for Council (against George Wood)

Rodney – Steven Garner, standing for Council (against Penny Webster)

Waitakere – Christine Rose, standing for Council (encouraged by champion of heritage Sandra Coney)

Local Boards:

Waitemata – Allan Matson (tireless heritage campaigner)

Albert-Eden – Mark Donnelly (former Councillor, big supporter of community input)

Greg McKeown (also former Councillor)

Devonport-Takapuna – Grant Gillon and Jan O’Connor

Hibiscus and Bays – Julia Parfitt

Kaipatiki – the Gillons, Grant and John (this Board’s voting pattern was always 5-3 in favour of Unitary Plan, local research into others standing could change that)

Mangere-Otahuhu – Nick Bakulich (supporter of local input and really got the St Heliers issue)

Manurewa – Angela Dalton

Maungakiekie – alternatives to Labour candidates, who will probably follow Richard Northey

Orakei – Jennie Hayman (big heritage supporter), and current Board except Ken Baguley

Puketapapa – Garth Houltham


Waitakere – Councillor Sandra Coney, standing for Local Board only

Franklin – Councillor Des Morrison, UP supporter, standing down; 3 candidates standing.