08 Nov 2012

Draft housing plans defended

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Written by Liz Willis
Published by: Auckland Now | stuff.co.nz – 08 November 2012

The streets surrounding Northcote shopping centre are set to see apartments and terraced housing.

Residents have nothing to fear about intensification plans for Kaipatiki, local board chairwoman Lyndsay Waugh says.

Heritage, coastal areas and bush reserves are protected and setbacks will prevent terraced housing or apartments next door to heritage homes, Ms Waugh says.

Northcote Central and Glenfield are the areas with the largest new extensive terraced housing and apartment zonings proposed in early Unitary Plan drafts.

In Northcote the zonings stretch from the shopping centre west towards Ocean View Rd and Raleigh Rd to College Rd in the east.

In Glenfield proposed zonings centre in the heart of the shopping centre towards Kaipatiki Park and Powrie St in the west and Marlborough Rd in the east.

Highbury shopping centre and parts of Onewa Rd and Mokoia Rd also have the zoning.

But Ms Waugh says it’s very early days in the drafting of plans and zonings may change before they are released for comment in March.

For example questions are being asked whether heavily congested Onewa Rd can cope with a larger population on its doorstep, she says.

Ms Waugh is heavily involved in Auckland Council’s Unitary Plan preparation as the northern local boards representative on the plan’s working party.

She says Auckland must plan for a larger future population and it’s a 30-year vision so things won’t change overnight.

“What would be scary is if we did nothing.”

If Auckland doesn’t provide for a variety of accommodation many people won’t be able to afford to live here,” she says.

Auckland Council is working on a design led, rather than rules based plan, to encourage better architecture, she says.

Northcote central landowners, Auckland Council, Housing New Zealand and defence, also have the opportunity to work together on a showcase for well designed intensification, Ms Waugh says.

A variety of different sized apartments in developments will be essential, she says.

Houses haven’t been built anywhere near the capacity their zoning allows now and in many Kaipatiki areas major changes aren’t proposed, she says.


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