03 May 2013

Elderly ask for fair go

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Written by: Liz Willis
Published: Auckland Now – North Shore Times

Justice for older people can’t be forgotten as the city grows, says Grey Power’s Auckland zone director Bill Rayner.

The Grey Power lobby group is “bemused” by the way youth campaigners have twisted the Unitary Plan intensification debate.

Mr Rayner’s comments follow controversy over councillor Michael Goudie’s support of a blog calling plan opponents “soulless geriatric time bombs”, and another North Shore Times story on Generation Zero spokesman Sudhvir Singh’s call for “inter-generation justice”.

Mr Rayner says justice means considering that older people contribute a major part of the cost of growth through their rates bills, which will rise at a time when they’re financially stretched and on fixed incomes.

“As part of the Generation Zero campaign they could ask the council to recognise this and give the older residents a fair go in the new rating structure with appropriate concessions and rate relief, and take more of the burden on their own young shoulders.

“Older people will all recall from their own lives how black and white and now-focused young people tend to be,” Mr Rayner says, and Generation Zero should thank their grandparents for all the rates and taxes they have paid.

Those rates paid for sports fields, schools and universities that make Auckland a wonderful city for young people, Mr Rayner says.



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