15 Mar 2013

Engagement period for Auckland’s Unitary Plan begins

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Published: The New Zealand Herald – 15 March 2013

The draft of Auckland’s Unitary Plan was launched at Viaduct Events Centre today by Mayor Len Brown and Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse.

A 10-week public engagement period on the plan will also begin today.

“The Unitary Plan will ensure that as our city grows we can protect the things Aucklanders value the most – great urban and rural environments, our heritage – and allow us to provide an effective, integrated transport system and genuine housing choices,” said Mr Brown.

“Aucklanders have told us they want Auckland to be a modern, liveable city, with a compact urban footprint and more affordable housing. They don’t want unconstrained urban sprawl or the hands-off approach to urban development we’ve had since the 1950s.”

Chair of the Auckland Plan Committee Penny Hulse, who has spearheaded the development of the plan, said the next 10 weeks will give Aucklanders a chance to have their say.

“This draft is likely to generate some strong opinions because it tackles things Aucklanders feel passionately about. That strength of opinion is exactly why we are asking Aucklanders to have a long, hard look at it and how it affects them.

It is important that we have a robust, fact-based discussion about the issues and opportunities facing us as a region,” she said.

Auckland’s existing 14 district and regional plans will eventually be replaced with a “simpler” set of rules governing the management of the built and natural environment.

These will address building heights and densities, historic and heritage buildings, coastal and natural environments, rural land, open spaces like parks and recreation areas, the character of local communities, and infrastructure.

The full plan is available here.

20130315 Engagement period for Auckland's Unitary Plan begins



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