02 May 2013

Goudie stands firm over blog

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Written by: Liz Wilis
Photo by: Phyl Doyle
Published: Auckland Now – North Shore Times

STILL FIGHTING: Councillor Michael Goudie stands by his controversial support for a blog attacking unitary plan opponents.

STILL FIGHTING: Councillor Michael Goudie stands by his controversial support for a blog attacking unitary plan opponents.

A defiant Michael Goudie won’t back down on his praise for a blog attacking intensification opponents as “soulless geriatric timebombs”.

This is despite outrage at the blog that suggests they should just hurry up and die so Auckland can move ahead.

The Albany councillor took to his Facebook page this week to defend himself and claims he has endured personal threats.

“I have been accused of hate speak and have endured personal threats because I shared on social media a blog about the dangers of Nimbyism – Not In My Back Yard”.

Mr Goudie could not be reached for comment but fights back on Facebook criticising “the tactics adopted . . . by a very small minority opposed to change”.

“I have not attacked any segment of our community, nor have I suggested any choice any Aucklander makes is right or wrong. What I have said is people need choices and Auckland needs fresh thought if we are to move forward.”

But many say he denigrates opponents, particularly because of the anonymous blog’s inflammatory labels of geriatrics and village idiots.

Age Concern North Shore chairman Vaughan Tabuteau says Mr Goudie endorses the prejudice of extremism and discrimination, and denigrates the youth vote that put him there.

Mr Tabuteau says praising the despicable rhetoric of the anonymous blogger shows no empathy for the age, stage and experience of those questioning the unitary plan.

“Heaven help us if the ilk of Mr Goudie survives in the career as a local body politician.”

But Mr Goudie’s Facebook page shows he has no regrets and backs his integrity as a councillor. “I was elected to do the very best job I can for the people of my ward and Auckland as a whole. You have my absolute commitment that will continue,” he writes.

The controversial councillor has high-powered support at council with deputy mayor Penny Hulse quick to back him on Facebook.

“Michael you are an inspiration, clear thinking, speaking your mind and always a wonderful advocate for things that really matter.

“You have real integrity . . . something often in short supply. Keep up the fantastic work, we need you!”

Kaipatiki Local Board chairwoman Lindsay Waugh also offered support.

“We need more leaders like you Michael. Negative campaigns are the tactics of the desperate. Your commitment to giving the youth a voice in their future will be worth the pain.”


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