22 Nov 2012

Government planning role too big say Auckland councillors

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Published: Radio New Zealand – 22 November 2012

Some Auckland councillors say the Government is trying to take control of the city through the influence it wants over a major new plan.

The Government plans to appoint members of the panel that will hear submissions on the council’s Unitary Plan, which will shape future development.

The Government has agreed to some of the law changes wanted by Auckland council.

It will shorten the time to finalise the plan, but says it and not the council will appoint members to an independent hearings panel.

Councillor Sandra Coney says the council risks giving control to the Government, and Mike Lee says Auckland could become a B-grade government department.

Deputy mayor Penny Hulse says the appointment process is still being negotiated, and the council would make final decisions on the Unitary Plan, which goes out for public consultation next year.


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