T & G Building and Reslau House

The T & G building is a Category 2 historic buildings under the New Zealand Historic Places Trust listing and is scheduled by Auckland Council as Category B historic buildings.

It is commendable that, in the face of today’s intricate building regulations when many precious historic buildings are being demolished, the T & G building and Reslau House have been restored by owners Harry van Hoppe and builder Gary Hill.

The T & G Building at 15-31 Wellesley St was built as a warehouse in the late 1880s for Archibald & Sons.

In the late 1920s, the Temperance & General Mutual Life Assurance Society acquired the building and submitted plans for the development of the tower. With the tower in place, the T & G building was a prominent feature of the Auckland skyline and is thought to have been the highest structure in 1930 when it was completed. From the 1930s unto the present day, very little has changed to the appearance of the external structure and styling.

A meticulous four-year renovation completed in 2005, uncovered and restored many of the original features of the building including paint finishes and colours of the 19th-century era.

The T & G Building reflects an early turn-of-the-last-century glamour with its magnificent lofted marble columns and bronze entrance lobby.

The T & G building now houses 65 apartment suites. Featured in selected rooms are antique solid wood New Zealand and English furniture, French fabrics and Spanish gilded mirrors.

Reslau House

Reslau House at 39-41 Elliott Street Auckland, was also built in the 1880s

Reslau House, next door to the T & G Building, houses the restored Elliott Stables with about 20 chic international boutique eateries on an old European-styled cobbled lane with specialty restaurants from Italy, Spain, India, Middle East, France, and Latin America.