16 May 2013

Len Brown backs down on the coastal areas

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The Character Coalition applauds the Mayor’s decision to rethink the height limits in four coastal areas. However if he thinks that these are the only areas unhappy with the Unitary Plan he is very wrong.

Aucklanders are demanding the process be slowed down so that more consultation can occur and communities can be properly engaged in deciding where intensification is to occur in their areas. Only then will he achieve the kind of consensus he is after. Just saying people are happy with the plan is not going to fix it Len.

Strong reaction prompts Auckland plan re-think

20130515 Strong reaction prompts Auckland plan re-thinkA strong reaction from residents in Auckland’s coastal communities has forced mayor Len Brown to re-think the grand strategy for the city’s future development.

Brown has used a ceremony in Long Bay, where he turned the soil for a new housing project, to announce that four areas of the Unitary Plan, which has been two and a half years in development, will be reconsidered.

Read the srticle by ONE News reporter Nicole Bremner

Brown backs down over high-rises

20130516 Brown backs down over high-risesChorus of complaints over Unitary Plan prompts rethink on some height proposals.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is backing down in the face of a citywide revolt against high-rise apartments and infill housing in a new planning rulebook for the city.

Read the full article by Bernard Orsman


Radio New Zealand National: Nine To Noon on Thursday 16 May 2013
What will the new housing plan do for Auckland and will it be enough to limit urban sprawl?
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