03 May 2013

North Shore, Howick residents ‘soulless, geriatric time bombs’

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By: Newstalk ZB staff | New Zealand News

20130503 North Shore, Howick residents 'soulless, geriatric time bombs'A young Auckland Council member is refusing to back down from his support of a blog describing residents of Milford, Orewa, Howick and Browns Bay as soulless, geriatric time bombs.

Councillor for Albany, Michael Goudie, has raised hackles after endorsing the blog containing vitriolic attacks on critics of the council’s new Unitary Plan and its scheme for intensified housing.

He has been accused of hate speech.

But Michael Goudie says he has not attacked any segment of the community – he is saying Auckland needs fresh thought if it is to move forward.

He has put a link to the blog in question on his Facebook page, labelling it brilliant and refreshing and urging people to share it.

But councillor for North Shore, George Wood, says this plan has been dropped on them from above, and Michael Goudie’s comments are unhelpful.

“That comment that people are geriatric time bombs hasn’t gone down particularly well.

“People are very irate that this kind of comment has come from a member of the Auckland Council.”


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