Save the Mt Roskill Municipal Chambers

Roskill’s History is Under Threat

Mt-Roskill-Municipal-Chambers-1The old Mt Roskill Municipal Chambers face an uncertain future. The building, which until recently housed the Puketapapa Local Board and Council Departments has suffered from serious water incursion and toxic black mold.

Despite the building’s rich history and its potential as a community asset, some parts of Council are uncommitted to retaining and restoring the building, meaning that there is a real threat that Council could ‘exit and demolish’ the building.

A Building at the Heart of our History

Mt-Roskill-Municipal-Chambers-2Puketapapa/Mt Roskill is a newer suburb but we still have a real history. The Municipal Chambers lie at the heart of that heritage. The site has been associated with local government in Roskill since 1885, and the original Municipal Chambers were built in 1957 during Roskill’s rapid post‐war expansion. Successive extensions have created the building we have today.

Generations of Roskillites have used the building for civic purposes. It lies at the heart of our local history and is a genuine landmark. The heritage of our community is as worthy of protection as heritage in other parts of Auckland.

Fighting to Save the Chambers

The Roskill (Puketapapa) Historical Society is fighting to secure the future of the Chambers. We are pleased that the Puketapapa Local Board is opposing demolition, and now we need to make the community’s voice heard so that Council takes the ‘exit and demolish’ option off the table.

Sign the petition to preserve the building and restore it to civic and community usage.

Then get six friends, family or complete strangers to also sign it and return to the address on the form (you can return it with just one signature) – THANK YOU.

If you would like to get more involved in the campaign then please contact the Roskill (Puketapapa) Historical Society:

Garth Houltham (Chair)
Historical Society Website: