23 Mar 2013

Wood wrong on plan: Hartley

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Written by: Liz Willis
Published: Auckland Now – North Shore times

Outraged Ann Hartley is angry with her fellow Shore councillor’s criticism of Auckland Council’s intensification plans.

George Wood’s comments are disappointing when the council is “working so hard to bring the community with us”, Mrs Hartley says.

Unitary Plan concerns raised by Mr Wood include apartment heights proposed for areas such as Browns Bay and Milford and that he has been kept in the dark as much as the public.

Mrs Hartley strongly defends the council’s plans, due to be publicly released on Friday, and says some of Mr Wood’s comments are inaccurate.

She says any councillor could have been part of the Unitary Plan working party but “it depends how hard they want to work”.

Reports were also passed to the Unitary Plan Committee, Mrs Hartley says. “To make the allegation it’s in the dark is just an outrage.”

The public is also getting the chance to comment much earlier than ever before through the release of a draft plan on March 15, she says.

Mrs Hartley says normally it is a much more formal process with only a final plan released for submissions.

Auckland Council plans another round of public submissions to its notified plan in September.

Mrs Hartley says all development rules are tighter with more emphasis on urban design to prevent the mistakes of the past happening again.

Auckland is littered with buildings out of context in suburbs, she says.

The highest apartments are proposed for metropolitan centres such as Takapuna and Albany and town centres with “medium rise” of four to eight storeys, Mrs Hartley says.

She believes Milford town centre heights will come down from a proposed maximum of eight to six, partly because of the extent of development proposed for neighbouring Takapuna.



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